Claire's Well-Being Club Membership

Are you ready to do something just for you today? Join me where you can connect back to true you, your soul self. A place to move, to be still, to listen and to be heard - for you to show up, just as you are. Think of it as your sister circle, where we learn, encourage and share. Where you'll feel more centred, more grounded, more balanced, more YOU. Allow me and my experts to share our expertise and what lights us up to help you shine your light, as we move through this magical thing called life

  • Learn how yoga, movement, meditation and mindfulness can help bring space and balance to your mind, body and soul

  • Soulful, joyful yoga with me, blending gentle strength vinyasa and hatha yoga with a LIVE class each Saturday from 9.30am to 10.15am

  • BONUS videos each month sharing my yoga, massage, skincare and makeup expertise to help you find something that works for you and your life and brings you back to you

  • My hand picked panel of experts in the world of wellness share their knowledge of holistic therapies, nutrition, menopause, womens health, fitness, exercise, spirituality, womens empowerment to allow you to step into a life you truly love

  • Monthly theme and LIVE event with me or one of my wellness experts, sharing our knowledge and experiences

  • Discounts for club members on my Online Yoga Classes and Online Well-Being Mini Retreats

  • All classes are available on the replay if you're unable to join live and are uploaded into library. Choose a class from the large library to suit your mood and needs - on-demand yoga to suit you

  • £22.00 a month - Join and cancel at anytime

Create a life you love

Its time to invest in your well-being with real purpose and carve out some time just for you. I look forward to welcoming you to my well-being club where we share our light, energy and magic to rest, relax, restore and reinvigorate. Join my magical club for just £22.00 a month

Claire Bowring

Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Makeup Artist

Club Creator, Gemini (Virgo Rising) Generator (Human Design) ever evolving human and a soul bound for further discovery. Claire's Well-Being Club was created for you to find time for you, to connect back to yourself through yoga , to try and discover something new and help you step into who you truly are. Join me for my soulful, playful and joyful yoga practises, and allow me to share my knowledge of massage, skincare and makeup to help you create a true feeling of inner and outer wellbeing. My experts have been handpicked by me and bring their expertise in the realms of womens health, peri/menopause, holistic therapies, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and womens empowerment into this inspiring club. This club will help you to find something that works for you and to live a life you love.

Come flow with me!

Try my short practise to help you feel grounded, balanced and focused

Meet the Experts

Ask your questions at any time in our community space

Charlie Hughes - Sophia's Choice

Womens Health, Holistic Therapies and Menopause Expert

Specialising in womens health, meditation, mindfulness, stress, sleep, nutrition, skincare, crystals, reiki, reflexology, massage, facials and menopause. Charlie is a very good friend of mine and has a beautiful grounding, nurturing energy

Miriam Kimber - The Mill Gym and Studio

Fitness Expert

Mim is a fitness instructor and personal trainer she specialises in pre and post natal exercise, youth exercise and is a biomechanics coach and strength and conditioning coach, and runs many group exercise classes. Mim is my personal trainer and I love her down to earth approach and how effortless she is with her training!

Katie Oman

Womens Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Mentor

Katie is also an Author, Teacher, Oracle, Creatrix, Queen, Goddess, Phoenix, and all-round firecracker! I’ve worked with Katie and I adore her straight talking, honest and truly authentic mentoring and coaching, allow her to help you remember who you truly are

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What Club Members are saying

  • "I am getting more than I ever imagined from your group and its nice to share energy with kindred spirits"

  • "Since being in your group I have discovered that there is definitely more to yoga that stretching! Each week there will be something that you say/do which resonates and my body/spirit sucks it up like a sponge"

  • "I joined the club because I wanted to do yoga regularly for a while but I struggled to fit it in consistently. I love that the club is online and if I do miss a class I can catch up in the library. I love the flexibility of the club, so I essentially never a miss a class, it makes it so cost effective"

So much more than Yoga. This is Claire's Well-Being Club

Are you ready to join me to re-discover you?